Project Preparation: Project planning is very important and our technicians carefully prepare each project to ensure image acquisition specifications and ground control point (GCP) configuration exceed the minimum requirements for your project.

Aerial Mapping/Imaging: Modern unmanned, aerial systems (UAV) involve cost-efficient technology that can be utilized to acquire imagery and derive three dimensional (3D) data for a variety of geospatial/mapping projects. High resolution (3cm or higher) orthophoto imagery, created to custom, specified positional accuracy, allows the site to be brought into the office resulting in more client staff being involved in the decision making process resulting in informed and improved decision making.

Topography/Contour Maps: Using our image acquisition and ground control configuration specification to create highly detailed contour and topography maps within client specifications, output in shapefile (.shp) format to quickly load into any GIS database or other formats at request.

NDVI/Remote Sensing - Crop Assessments:  Our UAV is equipped with the modified DJI x3 lens which allows our system to acquire high resolution, true color (RGB), near-infrared (NIR) imagery enabling its use in various remote sensing routines e.g. NDVI (crop health assessment).

3D Modeling: While imagery is important as a standalone information source it also has the potential to provide additional, valuable datasets. Correctly acquired UAV imagery can be used to create dense, accurate point clouds allowing the project site to be viewed as a 3D visualization further enhancing the decision making process. Correct GCP configuration provides a point cloud of known absolute accuracies which can be used to create contours, derive volumetric quantities, identify vertical danger points (trees, towers etc.) and audit surface change


3-D Modelling

Elevation Mapping


Thermal Inspections:  Our UAV system is equipped with the DJI Zenmuse XT payload, allowing the rapid acquisition of structural deficiencies using thermal video and imaging using cost-efficient technology. 

High Elevations / Confined Space Inspections: The UAV system and its 4k resolution camera allow the ability to reach heights and spaces not safely accessible to humans to search for any structural deficiencies.  The use of a dual controller also allows the on-site engineer to pan around with camera to identify key structural issues while the pilot controls the drone.

Asset / Infrastructure Inspections:  Using the UAV to acquire all data necessary to view the entire site/structure via 4k resolution video or through an accurate 3D representation created using industry leading software. 

Solar Module Inspections (Thermal Inspections)

High Elevation - Maintenance/Procedural Inspections


Site Progress/Activity Monitoring:  Using the UAV to watch over and monitor site without obstructing any on site activities to provide off-site viewing on a regular basis.

Construction Project Timeline: Using the UAV to capture all stages of construction and processing those into a time lapse video/3D model to showcase projects or to record progress of a construction site based on a timeline. 

Infrastructure Security Monitoring:  Using the UAV to capture a birds eye view to secure your site/assets, without obstructing any on-site activities.

Site Safety Monitoring:  Using the UAV to monitor/scout a site for any potential safety hazards without being in harms way, allowing us to monitor the situation and help those on site develop a mitigation/contigency plan from a safe distance.

Live Streaming Services:  Using the UAV to provide a high resolution first person view live feed of events, construction sites, construction in progress and numerous other possibilities using the latest in technology.

Site Progress Tracking

Construction Site Monitoring

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Mission Planning

o   Mission Our technicians work with the client to develop a site specific mission plan following all Transport Canada regulations and SFOC compliance.  Includes emergency/security plan, UAV flight area details, permissions from public in the area, ground control configuration. Hazard mitigation check.

On-site Arrival

o   Safety is our first concern, once our flight team get to the site to meet the on-site supervisor before establishing the Ground Control Station, they walk the site to check for any hazards not identified in the mission planning phase and setup UAV in flight signs.  Then establish the ground control configuration detailed in the mission plan.

Pre-flight Checks

o   The flight team then begin the pre-flight checks to make everything is working correctly with the UAV.

Team meeting

o   After the initial checks on the operation site and UAV to make sure everything is in place, the flight team meets for one final meeting to make sure everything in terms of safety and flight plan is in place.

UAV launch

o   Flight team then clears the immediate launch area to do final checks as the UAV hovers at a low elevation.  Before commencing the flight mission.


Data Acquisition

In-Flight Tracking

o   The fight team constantly monitors all items as the UAV continues the mission, battery levels, data collection.  Until mission is complete or battery change is required.

Flight Completion & Initial data check

o   Once mission is complete, the UAV will return to take-off point to then begin to synchronize imagery to the tablet for immediate viewing to ensure everything required was collected. 


o   Once synchronization has been completed, the flight team will then begin one final check on the data acquired to ensure all data required in the mission plan has been obtained.  Once check is completed, the team will then begin uploading to pix4d servers for calibration of imagery.


o   After upload has started/completed, flight team will then clean up the GCS and complete the required flight log items and check in one more time with the site supervisor to notify that flight operations have ceased.


Data Analysis

Post Processing

o   Once data has been downloaded from pix4d servers, our office technicians will then begin processing flight data to the client specifications required from the mission planning phase.

Quality check & Data validation

o   Creation of orthophotos, 3D model, contours, videos will then commence and quality checks performed after each phase, and one final check to ensure data is accurate and complete by both technician and flight team.


Data Sharing

Cloud/FTP Upload

o   Once all data has been verified and validated, the full package as per mission plan will be uploaded to our cloud based or FTP servers for client access.  Clients will be notified by email, and phone call to ensure all required data and requirements are met.  Flight team and technician available for any questions that arise from receiving the data.